What Type Of Ammo Does A Taurus G3 Use?

What kind of ammo does a Taurus 9mm use?

115 gr is the normal bullet weight for the 9mm..

Will there be a Taurus g3c?

Officially announced by Taurus USA on June 15th, 2020, the brand new Taurus G3c Compact 9mm selfloading handgun is the subcompact, concealed carry-oriented pistol of the polymer-frame, striker-fired Taurus G3 pistol introduced in the Summer of 2019.

What is the best Taurus handgun?

The Top 6 Best-Selling Taurus HandgunsG2C. Formerly called the PT111 G2C, the Taurus G2C is available in 9mm and . … TX22. The Taurus TX22 is a . … TH40. The Taurus TH40 is chambered in . … Spectrum. The most affordable Taurus handgun, the Taurus Spectrum is chambered in . … Judge. The Taurus Judge is a . … 1911.

What bullets does a Taurus g3 take?

Ammo Used To Test The Taurus G3 9mm. I used Blazer Brass 115 FMJ ball ammo, Independence aluminum case 115 FMJ ball ammo, Winchester USA Forged Steel Case 115 FMJ ball ammo, Monarch brass case 124 JHP ammo, and Hornady Critical Defense brass case 115 HP special tip ammo.

What is the best ammo for a 9mm Taurus?

Magtech Guardian Gold 9mm 115 gr. The sweet spot of penetration, expansion, and velocity. … Federal HST 9mm 124 gr. Great penetration, the biggest expansion, and velocity for those who like shooting the slightly heavier 124 gr rounds. … Federal HST 9mm 147 gr. … American Eagle 9mm 115 gr. … CCI Blazer Brass 9mm. … PMC 9mm.

Is the Taurus g3 any good?

It is reliable, concealable and inexpensive. As Taurus likes to say, its “performance-to-cost ratio is outstanding.” The only negative to the pistol is that, for its size, capacity (12 rounds of 9mm) is lacking when compared to other similarly sized pistols on the market.