What Is A Good Let Off For A Bow?

How do you measure a bow let off?

Your let-off percentage is the difference between your draw weight and holding weight (the amount of force needed to hold the bow at full draw).

For example, a compound hunting bow with a draw weight of 70 lb.

and a holding weight of 14 lb.

indicates an 80 percent let-off..

Does bow let off affect speed?

“The disadvantage to a high (over 75%) let-off cam is a small reduction in arrow velocity vs. a lower let-off cam system. All other things being equal, a bow with 65% let-off will shoot faster than a bow with 80% let-off. However, the difference in speed is usually only a few fps.”

Does draw weight affect arrow speed?

Draw weight is a measurement of the force required to draw a bow. Bows with higher draw weights generate faster arrow speeds by transferring more energy to the arrow. The result is a flatter trajectory, deeper penetration, and greater likelihood of pass-through shots when bowhunting.

Does a bow shoot better maxed out?

Lefty Shooter Cams and limbs are most efficient at the longest draw length module and maxed out. A 50# bow maxed out will be more efficient than a 60# bow set at 50#.

What does IBO mean in archery?

International Bowhunting OrganizationMost professional bows use the IBO (International Bowhunting Organization) specification. This specification determines the arrow speed, provided that you keep the following parameters: draw length equal to 30 inches, draw weight equal to 70 pounds, and. arrow weighing 350 grains.

What is bow IBO speed?

IBO stands for the International Bowhunters Organization. The International Bowhunters Organization has created a standard for bows which is produced through a test. The IBO speed is obtained by shooting a bow with the maximum pull weight of 80 pounds +/- 2 pounds.

How fast does a 60 lb bow shoot?

Generally speaking, bow ratings are done at 70 lbs, but are more often shot at 60 lbs. Shooting at 60 lbs results in the bow performing at 3-4 fps slower, assuming that the arrow remains at 5 grains per pound draw weight.

How fast does a 40 lb bow shoot?

The nock attaches to the string and when you release the string, those 40 lbs are set free. The string launches the arrow forward and transfers the energy from the string to the arrow, which is now travelling at around 240+ fps. This is where the broadhead comes in.

Do shorter arrows fly faster?

Shorter arrows are lighter and can generally be made to be stiffer than long arrows. A light arrow will fly further and faster than a heavier arrow. An arrow flexes as it flies through the air and a shorter and stiffer arrow will flex less and this also helps with additional speed and flight distance.

What basic equipment is needed for archery?

Archery, like any other sport, can involve a large range of equipment and accessories. However, to get started all you really need are the basics: a bow, a string, some arrows, a bracer, finger tab, a quiver, a bow stand, a bow stringer and a target to shoot at.

What bow has the best let off?

The Best New Compound Hunting Bows of the YearBest of the Test: Mathews VXR 28.Elite Kure. … Bowtech Revolt X. … Xpedition MX-16. … Hoyt Axius Alpha. … Prime Black 5. … Best Value: Gearhead Disruptor 30. The Disruptor 30 looks cool and is fun to shoot. … Bear Divergent EKO. The Bear Divergent EKO is lightweight, handy, and affordable. …

What determines the draw weight of a bow?

Draw weight is the amount of force needed to pull a bow, and it’s measured in pounds. Recurves and longbows have incrementally heavier draw weights the farther they’re pulled. The standard for determining their draw weight is taken at 28 inches of draw length.

What makes a bow fast?

There are two basic ways to make a bow faster. The first is to shorten the bow’s brace height. This factor affects the bow’s overall draw stroke, which essentially is how much you have to pull to get to full draw. The shorter the brace height, the longer the draw stroke.

Will new strings make my bow faster?

The speed gained from getting a new string alone is minimal and will not make a difference in your shooting effectiveness!

What does the let off on a bow mean?

Let-Off. A compound bow uses cables and cams to store energy and reduce the holding weight at full draw. This reduction in holding weight at full draw is called “let-off,” and is calculated as a percentage of the overall draw weight. For example, a 40-pound bow with a 75 percent let-off would be ten pounds at full draw …