What Does Kydex Feel Like?

Is Boltaron better than kydex?

Boltaron will also retain it’s form in higher heat than kydex will.

Say you were in Iraq and left your holster sitting on the dash it could easily get hot enough to loosen up the form a bit but boltaron will withstand much greater temps befor loosening..

What is the thickest kydex?

Standard Kydex® thicknesses run from 0.028″ to 0.500″ thick. Roll stock is available in the thinner grades and can be shipped via Ground Shipping since it rolls into a smaller container.

What is the most comfortable concealed carry position?

One of the most popular, and most comfortable, alternative concealed carry positions is the belly band holster. … So there you have it – the most popular concealed carry positions.

Is kydex better than leather?

It really comes down to personal preference which is better. Kydex holsters come out on top when it comes to retention and reholstering. Leather holsters take the crown when it comes to comfort and style. … The best holster is the one you are going to carry everyday.

How durable is kydex?

Relatively hard thermoplastic, with a hardness of 90 on the Rockwell R scale. This hardness, combined with a grained surface, increases its abrasion resistance.

Will hot kydex hurt my gun?

You can use the actual gun. Ive made a couple for my LCP and Seecamp, which has plastic/nylon grips, and no problems. I put the kydex in the over at 350 for about 5 minutes. Its usually warm and floppy when it comes out, but not really that hot for that long once it goes in the press.

Can you reshape kydex?

If it is true Kydex and you don’t over heat it, yes it can be heated and reshaped.

At what temperature does kydex soften?

165 – 177°C( 330 – 350°F ) for 0.71mm – 1.50mm (0.028” to 0.060”). 182 – 196°C (360 – 385°F) for 1.50mm – 3.20mm (0.060” to 0.125”). 65.5ºC (150ºF) before removing the part from the mold.

Is kydex uncomfortable?

It may be uncomfortable at first Of course, when you’re used to a soft material, like leather or nylon, a hard plastic like Kydex can feel uncomfortable, and even foreign. It’s very strange at first, and then one day, you don’t even notice it.

Should you store a pistol in a leather holster?

If you live in a dry place then there shouldn’t be any problems, but if you live in a very humid place then there is a real danger that the leather will absorb and hold moisture directly against the metal of your pistol. You won’t wear out a holster by keeping the gun in it.

Does kydex scratch your gun?

Registered. To give a more direct answer to your question, ALL HOLSTERS, no matter who made them, how much they cost, or what they’re made of will wear your guns finish. Kydex will rather quickly wear the finish, but only on the areas where the holster is molded to actually contact the gun. This wear is self-limiting.

Will kydex scratch my Glock?

Leather wears more, but you can get some serious scratches from kydex if you don’t clean the inside from time to time, kydex kept clean wears the least. Any way, use your firearm like the tool it is and it will get wear and tear no matter what. Personally, I don’t even worry about it.