Quick Answer: Who Did 13 Killed In House?

Did House really die?

Happy endings do exist for House.

David Shore pulled the ole bait and switch by leading us to believe that House (Hugh Laurie) had died in a building fire.

There was a coroner confirming it was House and a funeral.

Yep, House faked his own death to avoid prison and spend time with his best friend before he died..

How did 13 die in house?

This was part of House’s plan. In the season 4 finale, Wilson’s Heart, she tested herself for Huntington’s Disease and the result came back positive, meaning that she does in fact have the disease and can expect to deteriorate and eventually die as a result.

Does Cuddy die?

At the end of “Help Me”, she is in House’s bathroom while he is on the floor with Vicodin in his hand after the patient he was working on with Cuddy dies from a fat embolism after he amputated her leg after much debate with Cuddy throughout.

What season does Kutner kill himself?

He is played by Kal Penn. He becomes a member of House’s new diagnostic team in “Games”, the ninth episode of the fourth season. He dies from suicide in season 5, episode 20, “Simple Explanation”; he makes a further appearance as a hallucination in season eight.

What did Amber die from on House?

Amber Volakis (Anne Dudek), one of the fellows he eliminated earlier in the season and, most importantly, his best friend Dr. James Wilson’s girlfriend. She and House were involved in a bus crash, and she ends up dying from her injuries and complications from a flu medicine she was on.

Who did thirteen kill?

What Crime Did Thirteen Commit? She killed Kutner! She was arrested for going both ways down a one-way street! She was caught looking criminally good in TRON’s leather spandex.

Did House ever sleep with Cameron?

Nice Guy, Cameron evades Chase’s question whether she has ever slept with House, stating it’s “none of his business”. She nervously answers that “humans are complicated”, leading Chase to believe that she in fact did sleep with House.

Who replaced 13 in house?

Fox also revealed Masters would be in a recurring and temporal capacity, replacing Olivia Wilde as Thirteen until Wilde finished filming Cowboys and Aliens, a film released on July 2011. After Wilde’s return, Tamblyn’s character was retired from the series.

Does Wilson get cancer on House?

He was diagnosed with stage II thymoma in the Season 8 episode “Body and Soul” and was given six months to live. In the series finale, at House’s funeral, Wilson gives an honest description of House as opposed to everyone’s kind words and gets a text message telling him to “Shut up, you idiot.”

Did Foreman know House was alive?

It was used to prop up a table in Foreman’s office which he was having a problem with earlier in the finale. House is the only person that knew Foreman was having this problem so Foreman immediately smirked and realized that House was still alive.

Do House and 13 get together?

In Season 8, House gets back from jail and he constantly tries to wheel Thirteen back to his team. Thirteen constantly, throughout the episode, mentions that she is happy and does not wish to be back.

Do Chase and Thirteen get together?

“Chase and Thirteen have had an opportunity to do more scenes together alone than they have before, [but] if there’s something between them, [the fans] are out in front of it.” … already have a potential complication lined up: Jennifer Morrison may return as Chase’s ex Cameron for a handful of episodes.

Why did House get Cancelled?

Long story short, because of money. According to this article Universal TV wanted to produce a new season but Fox network was spending $5 million per episode and wanted a cut in the show’s license before renewing.

Why did Kutner kill himself?

In the show, he killed himself due to depression, there is no hidden motive other than actor wanted to leave the show. Kutner’s suicide was scripted due to actor Kal Penn ‘s decision to accept the position of Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison in President Barack Obama ‘s administration.

What episode does Thirteen die in house?

Remy “Thirteen” Hadley, M.D.House characterFirst appearance”The Right Stuff” (4.02)Last appearance”Everybody Dies” (8.22)Portrayed byOlivia Wilde6 more rows

How does Dr House die?

Foreman and Wilson managed to track House down just as he decided to live, and seemingly watched him perish moments before the warehouse exploded. So there was a funeral. Dental records for the body pulled out matched House and he was declared dead.

What is wrong with House leg?

House would eventually diagnose the infarction himself. An aneurysm in his thigh had clotted, leading to an infarction and causing his quadriceps muscle to become necrotic. … This resulted in the partial loss of use in his leg and left House with a lesser, but still serious, level of pain for the rest of his life.

Is House based off a real doctor?

House, played brilliantly by Hugh Laurie, is not based on a real-life doc. The idea for the show, however, is said to have come from ‘The Diagnosis Column’ in the New York Times Magazine. From there, creator David Shore wanted to base his title character loosely on Sherlock Holmes.