Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Of Accusation?

What does accusation mean?

a charge of wrongdoing; imputation of guilt or blame.

the specific offense charged: The accusation is murder.

the act of accusing or state of being accused..

What is the antonym of Accuse?

ANTONYMS FOR accuse 1, 2 exonerate.

What is another word for falsely accused?

What is another word for false accusation?smearlibelslanderdefamationslightslurcalumnylieuntruthvilification166 more rows

What is the opposite of culprit?

a culprit is someone who is guilty so the opposite would be innocent.

What is difference between accusation and allegation?

The difference between accusation and allegation lies in the forcefulness and the existence of evidence. allegation: The assertion, claim, declaration, or statement of a party to an action, setting out what he or she expects to prove. … An accusation is a charge or claim that someone has done something illegal or wrong.

Is Culprit a bad word?

A culprit is a person who does something wrong, like committing a crime. When your wallet got stolen out of your pocket, there was a culprit to blame in the crowd.

What are two synonyms for accusation?


What is culprit mean?

1 : one accused of or charged with a crime The culprit pleaded “not guilty.” 2 : one guilty of a crime or a fault The culprit expressed remorse at his sentencing. 3 : the source or cause of a problem Lack of exercise and poor diet are the main culprits in heart disease.

What is another word for culprit?

In this page you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for culprit, like: criminal, guilty party, prisoner, offender, accused, convict, criminal sinner, delinquent, miscreant, transgressor and villain.

What do you call someone who falsely accuses you?

Libeller – one who accuses falsely and maliciously, or publishes any false and defamatory statement in conversation or otherwise. From the OED: … And a definition of the noun libel is: In popular use: Any false and defamatory statement in conversation or otherwise.

What to do when someone makes false accusations against you?

Steps to Take If You Are Falsely Accused of a CrimeRealize the seriousness of the accusations. … Understand the cost of a defense. … Intervene before charges. … Take no action. … Gather any physical evidence and documents. … Obtain witness contact information. … Investigation. … Plea bargain.