Quick Answer: What Is An Example Of Being Condescending?

What are examples of condescending?

10 Behaviors People Find CondescendingExplaining things that people already know.

Telling someone they “always” or “never” do something.

Interrupting to correct people’s pronunciation.

Saying “Take it easy” …

Saying you “actually” like an idea.

Doling out compliment sandwiches.

Demeaning nicknames like “Chief” or “Honey” …

Patting people on the head.More items…•.

What is condescending behavior?

Condescending behavior is having or showing a feeling of patronizing superiority; showing that you consider yourself better or more intelligent. It is usually intended to make people feel bad about not knowing or having something and it often works.

What is an example of patronizing?

An example of patronizing is when someone shares his opinion and you say “Oh, yes dear, very interesting, thanks” in an overly slow voice like you’d use to explain something simple. Present participle of patronize. Offensively condescending.

What is a condescending tone?

: showing or characterized by a patronizing or superior attitude toward others.

What is patronizing behavior?

Patronizing is the act of appearing kind or helpful but betraying a feeling of superiority. This is a behavior to be avoided as it can make others feel like you look down on them.

How can you tell if someone is condescending?

A Foolproof Guide For Handling Condescending CoworkersDon’t Take It Personally. First and foremost, keep calm and carry on, as they say. … Call Them On It. You can address bad office behavior by telling people when their actions are not okay with you. … Neutralize Your Body Language. … Ask For Clarification.

What’s the difference between patronizing and condescending?

Condescending – “having or showing a feeling of patronizing superiority.” Patronizing – “apparently kind or helpful but betraying a feeling of superiority; condescending.” As noted by the above definitions, a person who is “patronizing” may be more subtle and not as open in their attitude of superiority as a person who …

What are condescending words?

Words related to condescending snooty, patronizing, arrogant, complaisant, disdainful, egotistic, lofty, snobbish, snotty, supercilious, superior, uppity, uppish.

What to say when someone is being condescending?

2. Call Him on It. You can address bad office behavior by telling people when their actions are not OK with you. Calmly and professionally call out the patronizing person without making a scene or being dramatic by pointedly yet politely saying, “Gee, that comment sounded a bit condescending to me.

What is condescending language?

In other languages. condescending. British English: condescending ADJECTIVE. If you say that someone is condescending, you are showing your disapproval of the fact that they talk or behave in a way which shows that they think they are superior to other people.

How do you respond to someone being condescending?

Be honest. If someone says something to you that is condescending, even in an offhand kind of way, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. Let the person know that you feel talked down to, and that the condescension was uncalled for. Being honest is crucial if you want to deal with the situation.