Question: Will NTPC Get Privatised?

Which PSUs will be Privatised?

With a clear intent to make the PSU sector lean and thin, the Centre is working to complete the disinvestment of 23 PSUs, said Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman….Project & Development India Ltd.Hindustan Prefab Ltd.

( …

Engineering Projects (India) Ltd.Bridge & Roof Co.

Hindustan Newsprint Ltd.

( …

Scooters India Ltd.More items…•.

Is NTPC a good buy?

On why NTPC share price is a good buy, Bhasin told Anil Singhvi that NTPC’s renewable business is doing exceedingly well and in recent times, especially during lockdown, power sector stocks have received maximum beating that includes NTPC shares.

Who is buying BPCL?

Anil Agarwal-led Vedanta Group said on Wednesday that it has submitted an expression of interest (EoI) for buying 52.98 per cent government stake in Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL).

Will IOC Buy BPCL?

New Delhi: Indian Oil Corp (IOC), the country’s biggest oil firm, will decide on bidding to buy Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL) after the government lists out rules for the stake sale, its Chairman Sanjiv Singh said Thursday.

What is the future of NTPC?

NTPC has formulated a long term Corporate Plan to become a 130 GW company upto 2032. In line with the Corporate Plan, the capacity addition under implementation presently: No.

Which banks should be Privatised?

The government has drawn a list of four PSU banks, namely, Punjab & Sind Bank, Bank of Maharashtra, UCO Bank, and IDBI Bank, in which it directly or indirectly holds majority stakes, and wants to disinvest equity. The PMO had written a letter to the Ministry of Finance to accelerate the process of privatisation.

What will happen if BPCL is Privatised?

While the Numaligarh refinery will be carved out of BPCL and sold to a PSU, the new buyer of the company will get 35.3 million tonnes of refining capacity. BPCL also owns about 16,309 petrol pumps and 6,113 LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) distributor agencies in the country. Besides, it has 51 LPG bottling plants.

Is it good to buy NTPC shares now?

Following the update, the NTPC stock opened at Rs 96 and later gained 3.08% today to hit an intraday high of Rs 92.1 against the last close of Rs 94.10. … Market capitalisation of the firm stood at Rs 93,553 crore as of today’s session. NTPC stock price is trading higher than 5, 20, 50, 100, and 200-day moving averages.

Is NASA better than ISRO?

NASA is one of the most successful space agency on the earth with a higher number of successful space missions. ISRO is more efficient and leading space agency on earth. The biggest difference is the annual budget for space missions. NASA has more budget for space missions as compared to ISRO.

Why is India Privatised?

Ans: In 1991 the primary objectives of privatization in India were, Raise the revenue in the market because the fiscal crunch was becoming a real problem. Improve the profitability and efficiency of public enterprises.

Is BPCL Privatisation good or bad?

Assuming that it is going to be a privatisation and not another HPCL, there is a way to go with the share price. If it is properly structured, it is a phenomenal asset even today. … It is a good place to be because it is the first privatisation of “pure retailing company” in this country.

Will Indian Oil be Privatised?

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) is the second biggest refiner in the oil sector of India. It has four refineries in Mumbai, Kochi, Bina in Madhya Pradesh, and Numaligarh in Assam. … It is being stipulated that the privatization process of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited will take place by March 2021.

Will ONGC be Privatised 2020?

Disinvestment or privatisation of ONGC is not happening,” Pradhan said. In a transparent bidding process, the government is keeping some of the discovered oilfields of ONGC on a public domain based on a criteria which will produce more and pay higher to the government, he said. “We are just monetising.

Is ISRO going to be Privatised?

India’s Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will not be privatised according to its Chairman, K Sivan. … Chairman Sivan, in an August 20th webinar, said: “When space sector reforms were announced by the government there were many misconceptions like it would lead to privatisation of ISRO. It is not.

Will HPCL be Privatised?

The Supreme Court had in September 2003 ruled that BPCL as well as HPCL could be privatised only after Parliament amended the law it had passed to nationalise the two firms. This ruling had derailed the privatisation of these companies in 2003, but the 2016 a notification repealed this.

Why BPCL is being sold?

One of the reasons behind the government’s decision to go ahead with BPCL divestment could be the loss of revenue and the massive stimulus package further bleeding its reserves. The company sells a fifth of all petroleum products sold in the country.

Who is owner of ONGC?

Government of India60.409%Life Insurance Corporation9.477%Indian Oil Corporation7.845%GAIL2.451%Oil and Natural Gas Corporation/Owners

Is NTPC a loss?

NTPC Ltd made good on its promise of reducing revenue loss due to fuel constraints. In the fourth quarter, revenue loss was reduced to ₹800 crore from ₹1,100 crore in the December quarter, implying a notable improvement. “Management delivered on its lower under-recovery target for FY19 of ₹800 crore.

Why is BPCL Privatised?

The government wants to sell its 53.29 per cent stake in BPCL, the country’s second-largest state-run refiner, to raise funds to rein in a ballooning fiscal deficit. New Delhi: A Bharat Petroleum Corp Ltd (BPCL) official said that the completion of the company’s proposed privatisation by March 2021 looks challenging.