Question: What Does Lunging Mean?

What is a synonym for lunging?

ˈlʌndʒ) Make a thrusting forward movement.


move dart hurl hurtle riposte thrust.


What does lounged mean?

1. To move or act in a lazy, relaxed way; loll: lounging on the sofa; lounged around in pajamas. 2. To pass time idly: lounged in Venice till June.

What is an example for lunging?

Noun He made a lunge at me with his knife. He made a desperate lunge for the ball. Verb He lunged at me with his knife. She lunged across the table. The crocodile lunged at its prey.

What is a sentence for lunging?

Lunging sentence examples. Suddenly Brutus was at her side again, lunging to meet the red dog. We usually start her off by lunging her, she can still be quite excitable! Dean took a lunging swing at Baratto that missed by a foot as Harrigan grabbed him.

What is a romp?

1 : one that romps especially : a romping girl or woman. 2a : high-spirited, carefree, and boisterous play. b : something suggestive of such play: such as. (1) : a light fast-paced narrative, dramatic, or musical work usually in a comic mood.

What does lunged forward mean?

to move forward suddenly and with force, especially in order to attack someone: He suddenly lunged at her with a broken bottle. Synonym. thrust.

What does staggering mean?

A staggering amount is an astonishing, astounding, stupefying amount. Anything staggering blows your mind. If you know that stagger means to stumble around uncertainly, then you’re close to the meaning of staggering: this is a word for things that are so hard to believe you might fall down when you hear them.

What is the use of lunges?

Lunges are quite effective in terms of strengthening legs and buttocks. Lunges target large muscle groups of your lower body; this boosts your metabolism and helps you lose weight much faster. When this excess fat is removed, lunges work on the shape and strength of your lower body.

What does lunging a horse mean?

When you lunge a horse, it moves around you in a circle on the end of a lunge line. Lunging is a useful exercise for both horse and handler. It is a way to let your horse safely burn off extra energy without you riding it and can help when teaching horse obedience.

What does it mean to romp around?

to run and bounce around playfully. The horses were in the meadow, romping around in the crisp autumn air. The children need to get out and romp around.

How do you spell lunging?

Correct spelling for the English word “Lunging” is [lˈʌnd͡ʒɪŋ], [lˈʌnd‍ʒɪŋ], [l_ˈʌ_n_dʒ_ɪ_ŋ] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What is the definition of lunge?

a sudden forward thrust, as with a sword or knife; stab. any sudden forward movement; plunge.

How do you use check in a sentence?

Checking sentence examplesI’ve got people checking sales. … I’m just checking in. … I was checking out a point guard who proved to be too short. … The climbers are checking out of Bird Song tomorrow. … Did you do any more checking on Ed and Edith Plotke— the people from the 1961 newspaper—and missing Josh the miner?More items…

What does rollick mean?

intransitive verb. : to move or behave in a carefree joyous manner : frolic.