Question: Can You Use A Real ID For A Cruise?

What kind of ID do you need to go on a cruise to the Bahamas?

In lieu of a passport, cruise travelers may present a government–issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license, and proof of citizenship, in the form of a birth certificate, naturalization certificate or consular report of birth abroad..

Can you go on a cruise if you are illegal?

Domestic Cruises Non-U.S. Citizens are required to carry a valid, unexpired passport and a Multiple Entry Visa, if applicable. In addition, guests must contact the appropriate embassy or consulate of the countries they will be visiting for specific travel documentation requirements.

Do I need a real ID to fly or can I use my passport?

You’ll need a REAL ID at minimum for domestic travel come October 2021, and your passport can work in place of a REAL ID for domestic travel—but a valid passport will still be required for international travel. So whether you have a REAL ID or not, a passport will always get you through airport security.

Can you use your birth certificate to go on a cruise?

Citizens may cruise using an official Birth Certificate and a supporting Government Issued Photo ID, like a driver’s license or an identity card. However, we highly recommend that all U.S. Citizen’s cruise with their U.S. Passport book that is valid at least 6 months after your cruise.

What forms of ID do I need for Carnival Cruise?

For “closed-loop” cruises, U.S. citizens will need to provide:A boarding pass.A government photo I.D. if 16 years of age or older.And a certified birth certificate or certificate of U.S. naturalization.

What forms of ID are acceptable for a cruise?

Acceptable forms of ID for closed-loop cruises:Passport.Passport card.Birth certificate + government-issued photo ID*Original Certificate of U.S. Naturalization + government-issued photo ID*Form I-872 American Indian Card or Enhanced Tribal Card.