Question: Can Base Class Access Members Of Derived Class Give Reasons?

Which member Cannot be accessed in derived class of a base class?

Which members can never be accessed in derived class from the base class.

Explanation: There is no restriction for a derived class to access the members of the base class until and unless the members are private.

Private member are declared so that those members are not accessible outside the class..

Which specifier makes all the data members and functions of base class inaccessible by the derived class?

Private access specifierExplanation: Private access specifier is used to make all the data members and functions of the base class inaccessible. Explanation: Whenever a class is derived, all the members of the base class is inherited by the derived class but are not accessible by the derived class.

What is base class and derived class?

Base Class: A base class is a class in Object-Oriented Programming language, from which other classes are derived. … A base class is also called parent class or superclass. Derived Class: A class that is created from an existing class. The derived class inherits all members and member functions of a base class.

When a class is derived from only one class then it called?

Subclasses and superclasses. Subclasses, derived classes, heir classes, or child classes are modular derivative classes that inherits one or more language entities from one or more other classes (called superclass, base classes, or parent classes).

How many constructors can a class have?

You can have 65535 constructors in a class(According to Oracle docs).

What can be inherited by a derived class from a base class?

Access Control and Inheritance A derived class can access all the non-private members of its base class. Thus base-class members that should not be accessible to the member functions of derived classes should be declared private in the base class. Constructors, destructors and copy constructors of the base class.

What does derived class does not inherit from the base class?

Not all members of a base class are inherited by derived classes. The following members are not inherited: Static constructors, which initialize the static data of a class. Instance constructors, which you call to create a new instance of the class.

Which access specifier is most secure during inheritance?

6. Which access specifier is/are most secure during inheritance? Explanation: The private members are most secure in inheritance. The default members can still be in inherited in special cases, but the private members can’t be accessed in any case.

How can arrays be used as class members?

The arrays can be declared as private, public or protected members of the class. To understand the concept of arrays as members of a class, consider this example. In this example, an array marks is declared as a private member of the class student for storing a student’s marks in five subjects.

How the relationship is made in association?

How the relationship is made in Association? Explanation: Association relationship between classes is made using the objects of classes like we have a bank object denoting ABC bank and some objects of Employee class XYZ1, XYZ2 and so on.

Which is the base class in net from which all the classes are derived from?

Object ClassThe Object class is the base class for all the classes in . Net Framework.

Can derived class access private members of base class?

Private members can only be accessed by member functions of the same class or friends. This means derived classes can not access private members of the base class directly!